About Amy

A South Florida native, Amy grew up among palms, alligators, and superb bagels. As an opinionated child (read: obnoxious), her mother enrolled her in ballet, show choir, and theatre to channel a tumult of attention-seeking. Her earliest influences included Avril Lavigne, The Disney Corporation, and Stephen Sondheim.

Growing up in a community mostly composed of retirees, Amy was fortunate to have incredible support and encouragement from a network of theatre and music educators. As an undergraduate student at the University of Florida, Amy studied the intersection of theatre and literature, which, along with gender studies, prepared her for a long career as a vanguard theatremaker—or a barista. 

Since graduating, she has worked with a variety of local theatre companies, as both an artist and an administrator. An actor, director, and major Gilmore Girls enthusiast, Amy lives in Miami with her husband and cats.